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!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!
AT&T Has Discontinued The $10 Promotional DSL Price Point
$14.95 Basic DSL is now the cheapest high speed internet service offered by AT&T. Order AT&T's $14.95 DSL Basic.

How to Order AT&T High Speed Internet for $10

We've all been waiting years for high speed Internet & broadband prices to become reasonable. And after all this time they finally have...but are you even aware of it? Do you even know about it? Or better yet, can you even find out HOW to order AT&T DSL for $10? How many of you have tried calling AT&T and gotten nowhere?

How many of you have visited AT&T or BellSouth's websites after reading about $10 DSL only to get stuck in some insane loop, where the greatest priced DSL you can find is $14.99 on AT&T's website, and $19.95 on BellSouth's website?

Well that's what happened to me, and after about a week of looking at many different websites and searching the Internet for these "hidden links", I finally figured out how to order $10 DSL from AT&T.

So in the spirit of saving all of you a weeks worth of your life searching for cheap DSL, I decided to write this handy little how-to guide. The only catch in getting $10 DSL? Well, to answer that I'll quote the terms on AT&T's website....

"$10.00 per month Basic DSL for Qualifying Customers: Residential AT&T High-Speed Internet customers only. Basic speed ($10.00 per month) available for new customers only. New customer is defined as not having AT&T High Speed Internet or BellSouth High Speed Internet in the past 12-months. Purchase of local service from the applicable AT&T incumbent local exchange carrier required. This is a limited time offer and is only available for AT&T High Speed Internet."

You'll want to remember the above quote & terms for step 2. Ok, now on to the guide...


Step 1. Finding the link to get to $10 AT&T DSL

You can start your $10 DSL order with this A&T High Speed Internet link to get to the page that takes you to the correct AT&T $10 DSL link. Once you open this page you will see a order button under the $14.99  Basic DSL plan that says "Order this plan." Click this button, and move on to step number two of this how to order 10 dollar DSL guide.

 *See screen shot image below:

10 Dollar DSL

Step 2. The hidden $10 AT&T DSL link

First thing you're going to want to do is get to the AT&T DSL ordering page where the $10 link is "hidden" with all the other AT&T Internet packages. In the screenshot below you will see a box on the lower right hand side of the page that says "New to DSL?". Below this you will see a link that says "Check availability", to see if you qualify for $10 DSL you must select the blue "Check availability" link. If you miss this step, you will not get a chance to check for $10 DSL availability when entering your telephone number or address later. Once you click the "Check availability" button move on to the third step of this guide.

*See screen shot below:

Step 3. Finally checking AT&T DSL availability

Ok, now you've found the ten dollar DSL link, but we still have a step to go. You didn't think you were all finished did you? We haven't even entered your address or phone number to see if you qualify for $10 DSL yet. Now, in this step you must answer two yes or no questions (remember those special $10 DSL terms for new customer I quoted earlier?):

Have you subscribed to AT&T High Speed Internet within the last 12 months? (select no)

Are you an existing AT&T Dial or Worldnet® Dial-up customer? (select no)

*See screen shot image below:

Order AT&T DSL
  Well looks like you finally made it. Now just to find out if you can actually get DSL for ten bucks. All you have to do now to check $10 DSL availability is type in your phone number where the form field that asks you to "Enter phone number:". Remember, if you don't have a home phone number you can still check availability with your address by clicking on the link that says "Check by address".

*See screen shot image below:

  Order AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet for as low as $10 a month!



Ok, you made it this far! From this point on just follow the rest of the basic instructions & prompts through the AT&T DSL order pages and you will be on your way to finding out if you qualify for 768k AT&T DSL 10 bucks a month. I certainly wish you good luck in your quest for $10 DSL, and I hope this step by step how to guide assists those of you who are having trouble finding it!

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  This online only $10 DSL offer applies only to new residential (home) AT&T customers. Order AT&T Business DSL
  $10 DSL from AT&T is currently only available to customers in AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, WI